Announcement Transcript

On our south parking lot, we’re in the midst of construction. It may not be the most ideal time of year if you’re a construction worker, but things are happening. Dirt is moving. Things will soon be going up here later this winter for the Forrest Family Ministry Center. And we are really, really pleased with what we believe the Ministry Center will enable us to do to facilitate our mission, which is to multiply devoted followers of Jesus.

As you can see in the timelapse video, a lot is happening there. And a lot will be happening.

Earlier in the fall, we asked each of you to consider what God might have you give — not presently, but into the future, over and above what you normally give here at Grace. This could be a lump-sum gift in 2018 or a recurring gift that you set up with your bank account, credit card, or debit card. We’re seeking gifts over the next three years, through 2020, so that we might fully fund not only the Ministry Center but also the subsequent renovation of our Worship Center. We’re so thankful for those of you who have responded. The time has been pushed back a little bit because of delays with the city and even the weather, so be praying about that. And, we also want to hear back from as many as you as possible.

We realize that some of you have already given, and we thank you for that. Some of you have set up arrangements for future gifts, and we’re grateful for that as well. Some of you don’t give over the course of years but rather in lump-sum amounts. Thank you for that. What we do need is to hear from you. We had over 600 giving units — families, couples, and individuals — who gave last March to Reaching Beyond. And we’ve had just under 200 responses through these commitment cards. If you did not receive a commitment card, it’s either because we don’t have your mailing address or you didn’t pick one up. Extra cards are available at the Worship Center.

Here’s all we ask: that you get a commitment card and that you turn it in. You might put an amount down. You might say, “I’m not able to give at this time. I’ll give toward the end of 2018.” We want to hear from as many of you as possible who consider Grace your church home. It’s all part of what we do together and part of how we help fund and support our mission at Grace.

Thanks to those of you who have responded. If you haven’t, I urge you to pick up a commitment card and, as soon as you can, to turn it in…whatever the case may be between you and the Lord.