Announcement Transcript

A lot has happened since the groundbreaking of the Forrest Family Ministry Center back in early December! We’re so excited to see the structure taking form on our south parking lot, and we continue to pray for God to use this new facility to honor Him when it’s complete. Here’s a quick update on what’s been taking place…

In a span of just three months, the construction crew has made great strides in preparing the building site and laying its foundation. They began by demolishing and removing the Worthington Christian Middle School modular building, which had been in use for well over twenty years! While the modular building was being taken down, the crew was also hard at work breaking up the sidewalk, asphalt, and aggregate layers that made up the south parking lot. A trench was dug around the footprint of the Ministry Center, then foundational elements and utility lines were laid. The concrete slab was poured, solidifying the building’s foundation.

At this time, about half of the building’s steel frame has been erected. This section will frame the front and rear sections of the large multipurpose space in the Ministry Center.

In the near future, we look forward to seeing the remaining steel framing installed, which will define the interior and exterior of the various rooms throughout the building. After that, the construction crew will begin installing the prefabricated components which will make up the multipurpose space. It won’t be long before we see work beginning around the site of the Ministry Center, such as sidewalk installation and landscaping.

As we look forward to further construction of the Ministry Center, please continue praying for good weather, safety for the crew members, and minimal delays in the process. And keep praying that God would be glorified with the outcome of this facility!

Remember, our vision for this new facility is fueled by our desire to more effectively accomplish our mission of multiplying devoted followers of Jesus. We want new spaces to help us reach new people with the Gospel, and we want better spaces to help us better equip followers of Jesus to live out the Gospel. It’s all part of the life of a church that’s reaching beyond! Thanks for your prayers and support in making that vision a reality.

Stay tuned for another update on our progress…