Announcement Transcript

Hi! Pastor Mike coming to you on this bright day outside the Forrest Family Ministry Center behind me. We’re here to give you an update on what has transpired in recent months, what you see behind me, and also what we can anticipate later this year in this God-given facility. I’m joined by fellow Elder here at Grace, Harold Rettstatt, who also has a long career behind him as an architect, and he’ll give us some of the details that would be of interest to you.

We’re standing close to what will become the entrance to the new facility. You’ll notice the connector back to the existing Worship Center is being framed. You’ll also notice that most of the framing for the roof and the entire structure is complete. Exterior walls are being framed and we’re just getting now to the point where many of the great interior and technological features will be put into the building.

We’re standing here at what will be the connecting corridor back to the existing building, and we’re surrounded by classrooms on both left and right. We’re also standing at the corner of the multipurpose space which will be used for so many ministry functions in our church, such as communion, youth and children activities, funerals, weddings, and a multitude of services that we currently provide.
And an additional feature that we have here in the Ministry Center is adjacent to the multipurpose space behind us. Back there is a full-service kitchen that will benefit us in all kinds of ways here at Grace, something that we’ve never had before. Including some pass-throughs to the multipurpose space for those various gatherings. I look forward to the culinary delights that will be possible in a variety of those gatherings, made possible by many of you!

Also, on the far wall of the multipurpose space, is the large stage, complete with lighting and audio capabilities that are so necessary for our ministry services. And it will be very, very helpful during the renovation of the Worship Center.

In the days and weeks to come, we will see the completion of the roof structure. We’ll also see the completion of the exterior walls, including insulation and masonry and exterior finishes. And within the multipurpose space, we will also see the construction begin for the stage and also for the mezzanine.

These are exciting times as we think of what’s to take place in the coming weeks and months, and we’re grateful for your participation. In fact, we’re asking for that during the future in some specific ways. And we’d like to ask you to pray as follows.

We would certainly want everyone to pray for the coordination of the work and the safety of the workers so the project can be completed on a timely basis this year. And we would also pray for the impact this building will have for our church and community and the multitude of ministries that’ll take place there.

And the Forrest Family Ministry Center is part of our larger Reaching Beyond capital campaign, and we’re excited about what God has done. We would be remiss if we did not say thank you to so many of you who have given generously and for the commitments that you’re fulfilling in these months. Thank you for your gifts — both current and even future — as we seek to complete the campaign and fund the new construction here and the new renovation behind us. It’s exciting what God’s doing here at Grace! I’m thankful for you and your participation in it.