We have much to praise God for!

Below you will find an update on the Reaching Beyond capital campaign for Grace Polaris Church. It is our prayer and vision to fund the construction of the new Forrest Family Ministry Center and the renovation of our Worship Center. It is our deep desire that God would use these improved facilities to make us more effective and ambitious in our mission to multiply devoted followers of Jesus, including as we reach out to both our neighbors and the nations.


We are so grateful for the generosity and sacrifice of hundreds of people at Grace. More than that, you’ve shown in very tangible ways — through your finances — that you desire to see the Gospel advance, our church thrive, and disciples multiply. Your vision is commendable and contagious. Thank you…from the bottom of our hearts!


The Forrest Family Ministry Center will be completed in the middle of November. A number of inspections and final touches will still be necessary yet this month. We look forward to several special gatherings there in December, with full occupancy and ongoing use beginning in January 2019. On January 13, we will begin worship services in the multipurpose room of the Ministry Center. Praise God!

Ministry Center Update

Worship Center PReview

In February 2019, we will begin extensive renovations in the Worship Center, including the auditorium. These renovations will continue through calendar year 2019. We anticipate additional gathering spaces for connections, as well as new lighting, flooring, seating, HVAC, and audio-visual capacities for the auditorium.


The Ministry Center construction is completely funded with its allocated $5.5 million. This amount includes funds raised from the generosity of Grace members and attenders, the facilities agreement with Worthington Christian Schools, and the two large estate gifts from Grace members who planned their giving with our church in view and are now with Jesus. We thank God for His provision!

The renovation of our Worship Center is being funded by the gifts of Grace members and attenders. The original goal, established in 2016, was $5.5 million. Since that time, normal escalation costs have increased the price of labor and materials. Most of the gifts for our renovation (approximately $3.3 million) have been received, with the remaining gifts ($1.6 million) committed over a three-year period. With these gifts and commitments, a total of $4.9 million has been raised for the Worship Center renovation in the form of non-estate gifts.


To date, approximately $10.4 million has been given or committed to Reaching Beyond (see breakdown above). This means that God has provided over 94% of our original goal. We praise God and we thank you! That’s worthy of much celebration.

$10.4 m

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$11 m

Here are some additional snapshots:

  • Approximately 700 total contributors (singles, couples, or families) have given, including some anonymously.
  • Over 625 total contributors gave on or before Giving Sunday, March 19, 2017.
  • 348 total contributors have given or committed funds between April 2017–October 2018, 48 of whom had not participated on or before Giving Sunday.
  • Over 30 contributors gave stock gifts, IRA contributions, or other charitable asset transfers.
  • Since October 1, 2018, gifts and pledges (including those from Harvest Gift Sunday) account for $780,000 of the total funds raised.
  • At this time, additional gifts continue to be received and processed.


A select group from the Grace College of Elders has met with the architects and construction team to consider how to appropriately scale our Worship Center renovation plans in light of where we now stand. Many of these godly men have considerable expertise in construction, architecture, and real estate. Please pray for God to provide wisdom and insight as those decisions are made. We are grateful for our excellent partnership with Eller Architecture and Lincoln Construction.

Giving Thanks

We thank God for His provision for our church and the Reaching Beyond capital campaign. He has always proven himself faithful, and this is yet one more evidence. We are thankful beyond words to you for your commitment, generosity, and faith in God toward this vision. We look forward to the material benefits of facilities so that we can pursue and celebrate the spiritual benefits of changed lives. Pray with us toward that end, and join us in thanking God for His guidance and leading as we follow Him.


Writing to the local church in Corinth, Paul longed that the Gospel which reached to them would reach through them to reach beyond them:

Our hope is that, as your faith continues to grow, our sphere of activity among you will greatly expand, so that we can preach the Gospel in the regions beyond you.
2 Corinthians 10:15,16

That’s what we hope and pray for ourselves — that God would use Gospel growth in us to spur on Gospel advance from us — that we would be a people who reach beyond ourselves with the good news!

Mike Yoder
Lead Pastor

Dr. Jim Augspurger
Executive Pastor

Tim Montgomery
Stewardship Director, CFP®

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