Frequently Asked Questions

Raising Funds

How much will the Forrest Family Ministry Center construction and the Worship Center renovation cost?
Each project will cost $5.5 million. The total cost for both projects is estimated to be $11 million.
Are we looking to raise the funds for the Forrest Family Ministry Center and the Worship Center renovation in cash before construction and renovation begin?
Our current standing — including the cash already received for the Reaching Beyond campaign, the Barnhard land sale, the payment from Worthington Christian Schools, additional estate commitments, new Reaching Beyond campaign commitments — leaves us a little under $1.7 million away from fully funding these projects. The Reaching Beyond campaign has a three-year commitment period — 2018, 2019, and 2020 — to help us reach the finish line and to achieve another goal of not incurring any long-term debt.
How can I give to the Reaching Beyond campaign?
We encourage you to pray about how God is leading you to give, then to make your gift or commitment. Some options for giving include online gifts (one-time or scheduled), contributions on specially-designated Sundays, year-end giving, and gifts of specified assets (such as securities, real estate, or land). Please contact us for information on making gifts of specified assets.
For checks, please write “Reaching Beyond” in the memo line and send to:

Grace Polaris Church
Attn: Stewardship Department
PO Box 1650
Westerville, Ohio 43086

Please note that contributions/commitments can be made at any time during the Reaching Beyond campaign.

What happened to the sale proceeds from farmland the church received from an estate?
Proceeds from the Barnhard land sale are being used toward the construction of the Forrest Family Ministry Center.
In the event that we exceed our fundraising goal, what will happen with the additional funds?
We’re praying this happens, as it will provide funds for items that may need to be excluded in order to stay within budget.
What will happen if we don’t meet our fundraising goal?
Our commitment is to proceed with the construction and renovation with the money/commitments given, even if in scaled-down fashion. This method is not easily scaled, however, and will result in significantly increased cost if features from the original construction or renovation plans must be added at a later time.
I have already made a financial gift this year to Reaching Beyond. Can I make a commitment for the next three years without making another contribution this year?
Yes! The contributions given by the Grace family in 2017 have shown much love for the Lord and commitment to reaching people who don’t yet know Jesus. We are indeed a blessed church. Most people have indicated that their future commitments toward Reaching Beyond will take place over 2018, 2019, and 2020. Based on current funds and commitments, we need about $700,000 per year for the next three years to cross the finish line.

The Forrest Family Ministry Center

What are the strategic advantages of the Forrest Family Ministry Center?
The Forrest Family Ministry Center will provide new replacement spaces to accommodate existing and new ministry activities, many of which were held in the Discipleship and Family Centers. The Ministry Center’s multipurpose space will provide a venue for worship, meals, weddings, funerals, outreach activities, and much more. The full-service kitchen will allow for new and existing ministry functions and outreach opportunities. Eight new classrooms, well-equipped for current and future technology, will provide meeting space for most ministries throughout the week.
How many people will the Ministry Center’s multipurpose room accommodate?
Auditorium-style seating capacity is estimated to be 880. Meal-style seating capacity is estimated to be 600 with rectangular tables. The new Forrest Family Ministry Center will provide the space needed for worship services and other ministries during the renovation of the Worship Center.
Will there be a stage, sound system, and screens in the multipurpose room?
Yes, the multipurpose room will house these features and more. The stage will also provide space for the choir, orchestra, and worship band to lead worship services.

The Worship Center Renovation

How is the space under the balcony going to be repurposed and why?
Additional gathering space for relational connection represents one of the most important goals of this renovation. As a result, we will repurpose the space under the balcony to provide a warm, friendly, and inviting environment to be used before and after gatherings in the auditorium. This will enhance opportunities for people to “linger and mingle” with others in meaningful ways. Such relational connections, often begun in these spaces, are an attractive sign of healthy church life. This alteration will also allow for easier entry and exit to the auditorium.
Will the balcony still be used?
The balcony will be used and will receive the same seats as the main floor.
What will the new seating be like?
We plan to add comfortable, upholstered individual seating to the auditorium. These seats will not have armrests, giving a more open and connected feel to each row. They will be approximately 22 inches wide and able to be flipped back for easier entry and exit.
Will the new sound system fill in the “dead” zones of the worship space?
The new digital sound system will allow for better acoustical control with new speakers to eliminate “dead” zones in the worship space. The high-fidelity digital sound will be more crisp and clear with a more spacious feeling.
What kind of technology upgrades will be made possible with the renovation?
The renovation will include new high-capacity WiFi availability. The video system will be converted to a high definition digital format from its current standard-definition analog format. New projection screens and projectors will allow for crisp, high-definition visuals.
Will the new design accommodate the Choir & Orchestra?
The new design will accommodate the ongoing ministry of our Choir & Orchestra in renovated facilities. We are grateful for the ways in which they help lead our church in worshipping God during Sunday services and special gatherings.
How will the worship space be made more aesthetically pleasing?
Interior colors and lighting will convey warmth and provide functionality, and ceiling tiles in the gathering spaces will be raised for a more spacious feel.
How will the lighting be changed?
New, dimmable LED lights will be spaciously positioned throughout the auditorium for maximum daylight-quality illumination. The ability to illuminate specific sections of the auditorium will be an additional benefit.
Will carpeting be used throughout the worship space, or will the auditorium still have concrete and carpeting?
New carpeting will be used throughout the auditorium as well as the gathering spaces outside the auditorium.

Logistical Changes

What is the timeline for the Ministry Center construction?
Construction for the Forrest Family Ministry Center began in November 2017. We anticipate the use of the Ministry Center to begin in January 2019. Details will be communicated to the congregation as needed.
What is the timeline for the Worship Center renovation?
Renovation for the Worship Center is scheduled to begin in early 2019. The renovation will conclude approximately one year later. Details will be communicated to the congregation as needed.
Will the Worship Center be open during the renovation?
No, the Worship Center will be closed during the renovation process.
Where and when will we have worship services during the renovation?
Our current worship service schedule (9:00 and 10:45 a.m.) will continue in the multipurpose room of the Forrest Family Ministry Center. These services will be as streamlined as possible to accommodate the needs of volunteers and the limitations of this temporary space. Comfortable, cushioned seating will be provided.
Will the Grace Bookstore & Café be open during the renovation?
No, the Grace Bookstore & Café will be closed during the renovation process.
Will the Early Childhood Center be available and functional during renovations?
How will GraceKIDS and Grace Students work in terms of spaces and access?
We will have full use of the Family and Discipleship Centers on Sundays and Wednesdays for GraceKIDS and Grace Students activities. Information on any logistical changes will be communicated to parents of kids and students.

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